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Revolutionizing the finance sector one deeptech startup at the time! X-Europe’s cohort 6 in numbers

X-Europe sixth cohort is well on its way and we are thrilled to share statistics behind the startups that will reshape the European financial sector.

The sixth X-Europe open call for startups and scaleups closed on the 10th September 2021, with 111 applications started and 74 submitted applications. X-Europe has chosen 25 most promising to join our final sixth cohort - FinTech.Take a look at the FinTech portfolio to check out the participating startups.

As it was the case with previous five cohorts, X-Europe partners have designed an engaging programme, filled with demanding yet thrilling activities, webinars, matchmaking sessions, events, mentorships sessions over a five month period. We are super excited to see our final round of startups drive, share and create impactful knowledge.

Company and Product Stage

In all open calls that X-Europe has run, we had a difficult time selecting the most promising ones that will have the opportunity to excel in the programme. This sixth open call was no exception and we’ve seen greater innovativeness and competitiveness coming from seed stage startups (Pre-MVP and MVP), especially since we had only five spots dedicated for this maturity stage. On the other hand, we had seen promising startups in the growing and scaling stage (live funding & product market fit, and scaling), resulting in 10 and 10 startups being accepted from the respective stages.

Unlike our previous cohort, we have a greater distribution of startups when it comes to the founding year, with the majority of startups being founded between 2017 and 2020 (88%).

This time around, the most popular business model among our Cohort 5 selected startups is the B2B Model (76%), while the others were less in focus.

Home sweet home: the location of our startups & scaleups

While focusing on providing services that support internationalization to specific regions (Visegrad 4, the Baltics, and Benelux), X-Europe is a pan-European growth programme that welcomes startups and scaleups from all European Union (EU) and H2020 associated countries. The programme enjoys a high degree of geographical diversity when it comes to its participants. In total, the 25 participating companies come from 15 different countries (nine being from our specific regions), ensuring X-Europe’s wide impact.

The company focus and requested services

Cohort 6 shares interest in Finance technologies, however, we are also seeing a dominant presence of our startups with the focus on Software, Insurance, Banking, Data & Analytics and Machine Learning.

To conclude, let’s take a look into the X-Europe services requested by our startups and scaleups. Yet again, the top three selected services were matchmaking with investors, matchmaking with corporations, and one-on-one mentoring. Other services that were chosen and will be delivered by the X-Europe programme were growth hacking training, acceleration and incubation at TNW, Amsterdam, or TechChill, Riga, pitch competition, conference attendance and access to talent. This was the last cohort of our programme and, although it's still running, we already miss being part of the startup's journey. Maybe we can continue to do this in the future, or maybe not, but for now, we’re focused on providing the best opportunities to our FinTech selected companies.


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