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Cohort 6: Investors - overview

Approaching its final days of supporting deeptech startups, we must say it has been a hell of a ride! With over 150 startups from six deeptech verticals attending the growth programme, raising over 125.8 million Euros since joining the programme, we couldn’t be more proud! With this in mind, let's jump in to see how has our investor ecosystem grow with the fintech cohort.

Financing FinTech

We are super thrilled to have been in a position to select Europe’s promising 25 FinTech startups. To support them and provide them access to private investment, we went hard on scouting potential investors to join our ecosystem and interact with the future money makers. We have approached a total of 1221 investment firms that might align with the FinTech focus. In our outreach, we have found that Fintech investors have a diverse set of interests and sub-focuses, however, we have focused on the ones that identify finance, banking, AI, and (of course) fintech within their thesis.

The interest from European investors for FinTech came in from 32 investors. The majority of onboarded investors for this cohort were from the UK, France, Germany and Spain. The rest are almost equally distributed across the EU. The most common type of investors was Venture Capitals or Angel groups.

The engaged investors have been busy with their investments, with 7 of them having between 1-10 investments, 8 of them having between 11-50 investments, 8 of them having between 51-100 investments, 7 of them having between 101-200 investments, while only 2 had between 201 and 400 investments. When it comes to the region of their investment, the most popular investment region was France, followed by UK, Austria, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The investors focused predominantly on the Finance sector, but we had noticed that several were generalists, or that have focused on B2B sectors.

This is the last cohort by X-Europe. We are proud to be the deeptech powerhouse of Europe. The consortium behind the programme has been F6S, TNW, TechChill, Growth Tribe and Design Terminal. Follow us on Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) to engage in our future activities.


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