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X-Europe is passionate about startups going beyond the obvious and trying to help everyone prosper. The above is something that all of our FinTech cohort startups have in common. Now as the cohort comes to an end, let’s recap on some of the conversations we had with the startup founders.

On Milestones

We're undergoing incredible changes when it comes to how we think about money and finances. We're moving closer and closer to cashless societies and decentralized finance. But there are still some milestones that we as humanity need to reach to make it sustainable in the long run. Meanwhile, let's look at some of the milestones of our fintech startups.

We’ve already worked on several cryptocurrency-related projects, such as the website of aUK-based crypto and digital gold exchange platform, and our spinoff project, Strive a crypto-fuelled family banking solution. Additionally, we've already been involved in 3 successful mobile banking app redesign projects with leading banks in Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania. -

In only 4 years we have several international banks using our digital banking platform in production. - Nearsoft Solutions

SPIN Analytics has gained significant early traction with many of the largest global banks and has been widely recognized as a leading FinTech company by some of the best FinTech Open Innovation initiatives including Accenture FinTech Labs in NY & HK, Plug& Play Frankfurt, Japan, and Abu Dhabi, ING BANK FinTech Village, MONEY20/20 in the USA, EUROPE, CHINA, SINGAPORE, BBVA Open Talent in AI, and Big Tech providers like Microsoft Azure, DxC Technology and Accenture. - SPIN Analytics

In only 4 years we have several international banks using our digital banking platform in production. - ePeer

On Impact

Participation in the X-Europe program brought a wide range of results. Founders gained a deeper understanding of the market and an extensive network with other startups in the sector. Moreover, the participation in the program pushed the startups to step outside their bubble and to have an external point of view.

The one-2-one mentoring sessions have been by far the most valuable sessions where we've got great input on marketing and sales strategy which for us at the moment is the most important area. - Kidbrooke

X-Europe is a carefully designed program, which in our case has brought great insights about market analysis and understanding of our customer personas. This in turn brings great input into our product development. - Woli

The exchange with Antonio from Growth Tribe has helped us enormously. Antonio was able to offer us new perspectives that we had not thought of ourselves. This also made us realize that we are sometimes in a kind of bubble and should ask an external person for advice every now and then. - Divizend

On Surviving the FinTech landscape

In addition to the inherent desire to have a positive impact, these founders share another powerful thing in common - ambition. We asked what it takes to make it in the fintech industry.

Be patient, things move slow with large financial institutions and focus on what the customer wants. - Finclude

Be obsessed with the client experience, knowing your end users is the sweet spot. - Nearsoft Solutions

Do not ignore “boring” topics! The topic of withholding taxes on dividends (taxes in general!) sounds quite uninteresting when you first hear of it, but when you get deeper into it, you realize the enormous potential that is behind it. As a startup, we are not tax advisors, we are architects building a platform and an organization. This means going unconventional ways, not immediately jumping onto hype trains (NFTs, crypto, BNPL, etc.), and always going the extra mile when it makes sense. - Divizend

To these founders, X-Europe has been a platform to bring together brilliant thinkers and a melting pot of solutions ranging from open banking, KYC solutions, and the next big blockchain projects.

Keep your eye out for these innovators who will shape the future of finance!


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