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Why join X-Europe

X-Europe is your gateway to turn challenges into startup-driven solutions and sustainable partnerships. We're bringing together deeptech startups that have the potential to disrupt, bring new ways of working as well as change mindsets and share growth.

Alongside TNW, you can define your business obstacle and shape a business challenge. X-Europe will identify startups to address this challenge and host a selection day for you to identify the best solution and fit for you business.

How does the Business Challenge work?

Selected corporations will define a unique innovation challenge while startups will be invited to offer tailored solutions to the challenges

Cohort startups and scaleups will have the opportunity to publicly pitch their solutions for the challenges at the X-Europe events

After the pitches, roundtable sessions will be organised for startups and corporations to discuss potential collaboration

6 cohorts in 2 years. Check below if we cover a business area of your interest!
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HealthTech, MedTech, BioTech

(TNW 2020)

Smart Cities, Sustainability

(TNW 2021)


(Design Terminal Event 2020)


(Design Terminal Event 2021)


(TechChill 2021)


(TechChill 2022)

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