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X-Europe is your pathway to growth!

Applications are now closed.
Why join X-Europe

We connect your startup with investors, corporations and governments to facilitate the shared development of the European deeptech startup ecosystem. 

Over the five-month programme, you will have a chance to join a community of 25 leading European startups in your field. You will receive online and in-person training, 1-on-1 mentorship meetings, as well as incubation and acceleration services.

The whole programme culminates at a Flagship tech event (run by TNW, TechChill, or Design Terminal, depending on the cohort cycle), where you’ll have opportunities to showcase your business, secure investments, create partnerships, and network! 

Perks offered to startups
by the X-Europe programme
Free entry to flagship Tech conferences
Are you eligible?

The startup’s focus must be relevant to each respective cohort’s industry focus.


The startup’s primary product or service must present a scalable deeptech solution/ or innovation, e.g., AI, ML, 5G/6G, big data, quantum computing, blockchain, etc.


The startup must be interested in cross-border collaboration.

The applicants commit to participation in the X-Europe training, matchmaking and promotional services.

The startup plans to continue to produce novel deeptech solutions.


X-Europe will onboard companies at the following maturity levels:

Early stage: young companies still focusing on MVP, product testing, and seed or pre-seed funding

Growing: mid-stage companies who have established MVP and product-market fit and are seeking funding up to €1 million

Scaling: more experienced startups that are established in the market and currently focusing on increasing their reach, escalating market saturation, entering into more varied markets, and diversifying their business models


Applicants must be based in European Union countries or H2020-associated countries. UK-based startups are eligible.

Priority will be given to startups from the Baltics, the Visegrad region, North Western Europe and the Nordics.


The startup must be registered as a legal entity.


The startup’s team members must possess demonstrable technical and business competence.

Involved team members must have a strong command of the English language in order to engage in our activities.


The applicants have confirmed availability to participate in the entire programme.


Each SME may submit only one (1) application form for each X-Europe open call. Multiple submissions per call is a disqualification factor.

An SME may resubmit its application for subsequent open calls if the original application was unsuccessful.

SMEs may participate in a maximum of one (1) accepted cohort.

Still have questions? Check our FAQ section and see if they have been already answered.
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