About my application

> Am I eligible to participate in the X-Europe open calls?

X-Europe has dedicated open calls for startups, corporations and investors. Startup? Read the eligibility criteria here. Corporation? Corporations joining X-Europe are to present an organisational challenge. Their focus lies within the deeptech sphere, and they are willing to partake in the X-Europe programme, both face-to-face (in our flagship events) and online. Please read more here.
Investor? We welcome those whose investment strategies encompass the deeptech sphere and who are happy to attend the X-Europe events, to receive our portfolios 3 times a year, and to connect with interesting startups. Please read more here and in the Investor section of our FAQ (please scroll down in this page).

> Where can I apply?

Startup? The X-Europe cohort 4 open call for startups is available on F6S - please apply here before 31 March (cohort 4 only - Smart Cities & Sustainability). The F6S platform is the sole entry point for all application submissions to the X-Europe programme. Submissions received by any other channel will be automatically discarded. Each cohort will have a separate open call - stay tuned on www.xeurope.eu/startups and our social media channels. The application form may be adapted for subsequent cohorts’ open calls. Corporation? Please submit your interest here. Investor? Please submit your interest here and read the FAQ section we have prepared for you (below).

> Will X-Europe have new open calls?

Open calls will be published on the project website (www.xeurope.eu) and on the X-Europe page on F6S (https://www.f6s.com/xeurope/about). X-Europe will provide services to 25 startups per cohort (6 cohorts in total). Each cohort will have a specific application form. The preliminary cohort industries and open call dates are presented: • Cohort 1 - HealthTech / BioTech (03/2020-04/2020) • Cohort 2 - AgriTech (07/2020-08/2020) • Cohort 3 - AI & ML (10/2020-11/2020) • Cohort 4 - Smart Cities & Sustainability (02/2021-03/2021) • Cohort 5 - SpaceTech (including quantum computing) (05/2021-06/2021) • Cohort 6 - FinTech (07/2021-08/2021)

> Can I submit several applications in the open calls?

Each startup/SME may submit only one application for each open call. If not successful, startups are welcome to apply again in the subsequent open calls (provided there is a fit with the cohort’s industry).

> Are there any other guidelines I should be aware of?

Startups applying to the X-Europe open calls should consider the steps below. •For the application preparation, applicants need to be registered on F6S and are requested to apply online and answer all mandatory questions (with no exception). •English is the official language for X-Europe open calls. Submissions done in any other language will not be evaluated. •Applicants that do not accept the terms and conditions located in the application form which state that they are willing to participate in the programme and that information contained within this application form has been reported truthfully will not be eligible. •Be concrete and concise. Questions have character limitations. Please examine the guidelines and attend the various online and physical events promoted by X-Europe. It is strongly recommended not to wait until the last minute to submit the application. •Failure of the application to arrive in time for any reason, including network communications delays or working from multiple browsers or multiple browser windows, is not acceptable as an extenuating circumstance. The time of receipt of the application as recorded by the submission system will be definitive. •If the applicant discovers an error in the application, and provided the call deadline has not passed, the applicant may request the F6S X-Europe team to re-open the application (for this purpose, please contact us on www.f6s.com/xeurope/discuss). However, X-Europe is not committed that resubmission in time will be feasible in case the request for resubmission is not received by the F6S X-Europe team at least 48 hours before the call deadline.

> Will you share my application with external parties?

No. Your application stays confidential and is only available to the X-Europe project partners for the purposes of evaluation and tailoring of the programme to best deliver value. Selected startups agree that the X-Europe project has the right to use their company’s image/profile, as well as that of their team, for media publication and dissemination of X-Europe activities and results.

> How can I make sure I have a strong application?

Every application is unique and there are no magic formulas, but here are some tips to help you deliver a good and strong one: - Read every question carefully and aim to be descriptive in your answers Include detailed information about your team, where you’ve been, where you want to go next and what steps will you take to get there - Tailor your application to X-Europe - more than getting to know you, we want to know why you are interested in X-Europe and why you would be a good fit for the programme - When we ask for your 5-year plan, we mean it! The more details you give about the steps you’re planning to take, the more we can understand your needs and how we can help you - Show us your deeptech expertise and industry knowledge, and how your startup is different from everyone else! - If you have any technical issues when completing the application form, do not worry - we are here to support you. You can email us at info@xeurope.eu, or write in the F6S X-Europe group, and we will make sure to help.

X-Europe for Investors

> Why should I join X-Europe?

The X-Europe programme is an extremely ambitious and dynamic project, that will choose the most impressive deeptech startups and scaleups in Europe and EU associated countries to be a part of it. If you join X-Europe, you will have access to a variety of companies that have already proven to have strong, relevant and viable solutions, and that are part of a programme to make them overcome their obstacles and grow further. You can make an educated investment and accompany the startup/scaleup’s progress. You receive: - 150 pre-selected startup profiles sent to you over 18 months (early-stage, growing, and scaling companies) - Invitation to the TNW community slack - Opportunity for your portfolio companies to join the program - The most engaged investors will be invited to X-Europe events - Networking with other investors and ecosystem builders across Europe

> How can I join?

Please express your interest in a short form available here.

> How is the X-Europe portfolio created?

The X-Europe portfolio is composed of all selected deeptech startups/scaleups that join the programme. This portfolio will be organised according to cohorts and activity sectors, namely HealthTech/BioTech; AgriTech; AI & ML; SpaceTech; Smart Cities, Sustainability; and Blockchain, Cybersecurity. Our first cohort is made up of 27 Health/Biotech companies selected from over 170 applications.

> How can I have access to the X-Europe portfolio?

Investors engaged with X-Europe will be sent a complete portfolio of our startups with lots of detail about the company and their product. With this portfolio, you can decide who you would like to have further discussions with. Nonetheless, you can find our selected startups/scaleups here. This information will be updated throughout the project and divided by cohorts/sectors of activity. For further information on the X-Europe portfolio you can contact us at info@xeurope.eu.


> Is there any financial support available for travel and accommodation expenses?

No. Participants need to be able to cover their travel costs, as well as ensure they can join the flagship event before applying, as presence is mandatory. X-Europe will communicate travel needs in good time to help minimise costs. X-Europe covers the costs of services, events’ entrance, acceleration and incubation.

> Is there any support for applicants without a selected idea?

No. Only the selected beneficiaries will be benefiting from X-Europe services.

> Are there any restrictions for UK companies to apply to X-Europe?

Please read the eligibility criteria (above). UK-based legal entities continue to be fully eligible to participate in the current Horizon 2020 programme.

> Can I communicate directly with the X-Europe team?

Yes. If this FAQ did not answer your question, you can leave us a message through the form at the end of this page.

About the programme

> Where can I find information about the X-Europe cohorts, the services provided and the programme timeline?

Information is available in our Service Plan, which provides an overview of all the matchmaking, support and internationalisation services we cover. Our Training Plan provides details on the training offered to startups, including one-on-one mentoring, Growth Tribe Academy, online webinars surrounding investment support and more. You can also keep up with the X-Europe programme by reading the articles in our News section. Real-time information about our programme and future opportunities is available on social media: we are on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and F6S. Follow us! #XEUROPE
Do you have specific questions? Contact us.

> What impact will COVID-19 have on the X-Europe Programme?

X-Europe is adaptable to the current situation. Many services are delivered digitally and have begun in June remotely (such as the one-on-one mentoring, investor training/matchmaking, and more promotion on TNW media and social). Our first event will take place online at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam, 1-2 October 2020, to ensure participants can safely engage with us. We will maintain a safe and responsible programme and update our face-to-face event planning based on the latest advice.

> Is attendance at online support services and X-Europe events mandatory?

Yes! All selected startups are expected to participate in the entire programme, attend online support services/webinars, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and respective X-Europe events. We know your time is very valuable, and all of our services have been designed with maximum value in mind whilst minimising unnecessary commitment. When it comes to incubation at TNW and TechChill and acceleration at Design Terminal, startups can indicate their preference regarding attendance and location. Due to limited physical availability, X-Europe will ensure to provide the limited spaces to startups who will receive the most benefit from these services.

> If my startup is selected for the programme, how many team members can attend the flagship events and the incubation?

X-Europe requires participation of up to two team members in the programme, as follows: i. founder/ C-level (mandatory); ii. founder / C-level / business development / marketing (optional). Flagship events: Two members per startup will receive tickets for the flagship event within their respective cohort. The attendees must meet the profile above.
Incubation and acceleration: Due to limited physical availability at TNW, TechChill and Design Terminal, X-Europe reserves the right to award a limited amount of incubation and acceleration services to startups. The attendees must meet the profile above.

> What is X-Europe?

X-Europe, an initiative born out of the European Commission's H2020 programme, aims to bring together leading deeptech startups, investors, corporations, and governments to forge stronger ties between developed and developing European regions. Leading the programme are five major ecosystem leaders - F6S, The Next Web, Design Terminal, Growth Tribe and TechChill - in the key regions of focus in X-Europe: the Baltics, western Europe, and the Visegrad region. Linking the developing regions of the Baltics and the Visegrad 4 to the wider European communities, the project's key focus is to allow opportunities and partnerships to spread across borders. Through the F6S platform, a total of 150 deeptech startups across six cohorts will be selected for the programme, each dedicated to a pressing deeptech topic: HealthTech, AgriTech, AI/ML, SpaceTech, GreenTech, and Cybersecurity. Startups joining X-Europe can expect a whole range of benefits, from training and one-on-one mentoring, matchmaking with corporates and investors, to gaining exposure at top tech events and through partners’ channels. As a centerpiece for the programme, X-Europe will host six flagship events, which will take place in Amsterdam (The Next Web), Riga (TechChill), and Budapest (Design Terminal bespoke event) between 2020 and 2022. As a Startup Europe initiative, all X-Europe services are offered free of charge.

> How can X-Europe help me?

Startup? We connect your startup with investors, corporations, governments, and investors to facilitate the collaborative advancement of the European deeptech startup ecosystem. Through the delivery of training, matchmaking & promotional services, X-Europe will support your deeptech startup and help you to grow across borders. For more information on the value-added benefits to startups and access to the open calls, please check out the startups’ page. Corporation? X-Europe is the gateway for organizations to face their business and innovation challenges by collaborating with novel startups who address them. You bring the challenge, X-Europe scouts the best startups to solve it for you! For more information please check out the information for corporations. Investor? Finding the most promising startups can be hard and time-consuming! X-Europe brings you closer to pre-vetted, upscaled and top-notch deeptech startups every four months. Find more information here. Ecosystem Builder? X-Europe provides you with an opportunity to further expand your capacity to boost European ecosystems, connecting you with top startups, corporations, investors and fellow ecosystem leaders. Find more information here.

> What is the time commitment expected from me?

The X-Europe program time commitment was created with your busy schedules in mind. As the program takes place over several months we make sure it is never too intense. The webinars and training are spread out, and require a senior attendee, but you can feel free to send the most relevant stakeholder (eg marketing for marketing focused sessions). The matchmaking program is done on your behalf by the X-Europe team so we connect you straight with the corporates and investors. We simply need some info at the start of the program from you to create our portfolio. One-on-one mentoring is 1-2 hours every other week, and may require some extra work on your side, but this will be a valuable exercise. Events will be a one-off and will have a rich array of value for you there, plus a bit of fun. In short, X-Europe wont take too much time away from your business, family, and social commitments.

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