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Cohort 6: Ecosystem builders - overview

X-Europe is ending, and for the last cohort of FinTech, we have gathered 55 ecosystem builders to help the last batch of startups of our programme. Also, we are really happy to have achieved a cumulative number of 200 ecosystem builders throughout the project.

Accelerators are the most predominant representatives with 28 entities, while organizations that have tagged the Training aspect follow with six, and Procurement, Non-profit, Investors, and Research have three representatives each.

In terms of location, the United Kingdom leads with six, closely followed by Spain with five, and Hungary and France are tied with three. We continue to strengthen our presence and network within our focus regions: the Visegrad, Baltics and Benelux.

For two years, the X-Europe programme connected startups to ecosystem builders building a strong community in six different deeptech verticals and creating opportunities for our companies to develop their innovative solutions. Take a look at our portfolio to know more about all the 150+ companies that entered our programme.


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