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Money, money, is funny in X-Europe’s world

In a blink of an eye, we reach the last cohort of our programme: FinTech. It has been a great ride for all of us and we promised that we continue super focused on helping our startups grow.

Last month, we met the 25 FinTech startups that joined our last kick-off, and it was a pleasure to see such an enthusiastic group eager to discover more about our programme and develop their solutions. Banking, payments, blockchain-crypto projects and finance control are only a few of the many areas in the fintech sector where our startups work.


In an engaging meeting, we explained the next steps for our startups, including the mentorship programme ahead, corporate matchmaking, investment support, the Growth Tribe training, the Acceleration week with Design Terminal, and the incubation programmes on TNW and TechChill spaces.

Startups’ most looking forward to in the X-Europe Kick-off - Screenshot Kick-off

The team's one-to-one talks were one of the peaks of our meeting, with the startups getting the possibility to know more about each other before they went for the first workshop of the programme: Investment Readiness.

We started this last journey motivated, and hopeful that we can all meet in person at TechChill 2022, in April, for the last event of the programme. But for now, please, meet the 25 selected startups.

Startups’ mood in the X-Europe Kick-off - Screenshot Kick-off

Meet the startups

Abroaden - The wealth-building platform made for people living abroad.

B-datagray - Ideation of Blockchain-crypto projects. Upgrading blockchain revolution.

Cashy - B2B platform where buyers use their surplus to pay faster to suppliers.

Deriveum - Type of commodity that is designed to be used as self-executable collateral in CDS and other derivative deals.

Divizend - The leading international wealth-tax FinTech platform for the fastest way to reclaim foreign dividend withholding taxes.

ePeer - Building an innovative AI-based credit scoring system for financial institutions, enabling them to serve the young and the unbanked individuals. - Offers design-driven mobile banking solutions for financial innovators with a special focus on younger customers.

Finclude - Revolutionizes creditworthiness and affordability assessment of individuals by analyzing their transactional data and spending patterns.

Hodlng - Leveraging social and environmental impacts through LNG transactions.

Identyum - Our mission is to decouple people’s digital identities and give them back full control over their identity data.

Insurwiz - Tailor-made insurance solution that takes your business operations to the next level.

IntelSoft - Help companies improve business performance and reduce operating costs by way of better understanding and predicting operations, customer behavior, and external environment.

IS Predict - Supplier of self-learning & explainable AI standard software for IoT.

Kidbrooke - A tech company providing B2B automated financial analytics via APIs.

Liridi - Platform for underbanked small business owners and entrepreneurs.

MatLogica - Speeding up financial calculations by 6-100x and AAD risks.

Nearsoft Solutions - Set of banks in several countries with our Digital Banking platform.

Numus - Fully automated, gamified, and security complaint application for both mobile and desktop, backed by ML and AI algorithms to give you a better personal finance experience.

Quadible - Ensures the result of a project by delivering innovative software artefacts and providing efficient solutions for complex projects.

Raison.AI - Mobile app that offers pre-IPO investment opportunities from less than €100.

Spin Analytics - Digital transformation in Credit Risk Management by leveraging predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) techniques on Big Data.

Togggle - Uses the PIMS concept offers a new approach in which individuals are the ‘holders’ of their own personal information.

Typbot - Chatbot marketing platform to bring digital marketing next level.

Woli - Smart Money App for modern families.

42DBS GmbH - Process automation with ShakeSpeare® Software.


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