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X-Europe Cohort 2: Ecosystem Builder Overview

The X-Europe ecosystem is growing, with major players joining our ranks!

You might have seen the open call statistics on startups and investors, with the numbers reaching new highs. Now, we want to showcase the statistics behind the growth of our ecosystem builders.

In the graphic above, we can see the current numbers of ecosystem builders that are engaged in the X-Europe programme (cumulative data since the start of the programme). As it was the case after the first cohort, the most dominant genre of Ecosystem Builder to participate in the programme are the accelerator representatives. Following we have Non-Profit organizations, clusters, events, while the remaining are education-focused organizations, incubators, research organizations and a government organization.

As when it comes to the location of our ecosystem builders, most of the numbers originate from The Netherlands, Greece, Finland, Poland, and Germany.

What’s in it for ecosystem builders?

By joining the X-Europe programme, ecosystem builders can:

  • Be labelled as an official supporting partner of X-Europe and receive social media coverage

  • Be added to the X-Europe community channels and TNW Slack, where they can network and share their opportunities

  • Find some cool new startups who are part of the program, provide an opportunity to their startups to join and receive free services

  • Have the chance to join X-Europe’s events such as The Future of Agritech online summit powered by Design Terminal (16-17 November 2020) or TechChill 2021

How can ecosystem builders join our programme?

Ecosystem builders can always join X-Europe by filling a short form.


For up to date information on X-Europe, follow us today on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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