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X-Europe Cohort 2: Investor Overview

The X-Europe statistics on the second round of investors to join our programme.

The X-Europe consortium has been working hard to provide great value to the startups in our ongoing HealthTech cohort. In this cohort, the investors have proved to be one of the key stakeholders driving innovation. Cohort 1 startups have reported that they have raised over 10mil EUR from investors. Impressive!

In the meantime, we have expanded our focus to the AgriTech startups and scaleups, conducting the open call and selecting a new batch of startups that have just entered cohort 2. (read more about this).

In support of our second cohort, we have been out on the lookout for new investors to join our ecosystem and this article will showcase the statistics behind the investors that have joined.

The 32 investors that have joined the X-Europe’s second cohort are an eclectic bunch, coming from 18 different countries from all around the world, with almost half of them being located in Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Berlin. The investors were keen to give us a little insight into their strategies, indicating that their major investment focus lies on Western Europe, with the most investors typically investing between 1-5 million EUR (25%) or between 100,000 and 2 million EUR (22%). This larger potential deal size will hopefully allow startups with higher capital needs to connect with fitting opportunities within the X-Europe programme. In addition, we still see a good spread of investment sizes under 1 million euros. This provides us with a sufficiently diverse investment range for early-stage companies to find relevant opportunities.

Our investors have indicated a diverse technology interest. This information leads us to conclude that there is sufficient interest in both the key sector of Cohort 2 (Agritech) and broader programme sectors to ensure that this investment pool will continue to provide relevant prospects throughout the whole X-Europe programme life cycle.

Investors also indicated that they are most interested in taking the position of a strategic investor (35%) followed by a minor investor (23%) and a lead investor (19%), while the remaining modes, silent investor and active investor followed (23%). Finally, we can see that the vast majority of the investors have indicated that they classify as a venture capitalist, while we only have one Business Angel and one that has classified as other.

What’s in it for investors?

By joining the X-Europe programme, investors can:

  • Have direct access to the 25 most innovative European deeptech startups in our programme, with new batches of startups selected every 4 months

  • Attend the most prominent European conferences (TNW, Design Terminal and TechChill)

  • Networking (1-on-1 meetings, investor lounge)

  • Attend pitch competitions and learn about the latest deeptech solutions

  • Connect with ecosystem builders and other deeptech stakeholders at events to build a sustainable network

  • Be matched with corporate and government representatives

How can investors join our programme?

Investors can always join X-Europe by completing the short form on this page.


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