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Space isn't that far away: meet the 25 startups that are ready to conquer the unknown

Houston, X-Europe arrived in space! Last month we kicked off cohort 5 - Aerospace & SpaceTech, with 25 startups offering deeptech solutions in the upstream and downstream sectors. Focus, enthusiasm, optimism, ambition were the watchwords at our kick-off, and we couldn't agree more!

Startups’ mood in the X-Europe Kick-off - Screenshot Kick-off

Time for presentations, networking, understanding companies' expectations, and articulating what will happen next, the programme launch went smoothly, nothing compared to a rocket ride to space. At the end of the meeting, with no time to waste, the companies got down to business and had their first group workshop: investment readiness training.


At X-Europe, we are interested in our companies growth, so, as usual, we give them opportunities to develop their skills by providing corporate matchmaking and investment support, training days with the Growth Tribe academy, workshops and mentoring sessions, access to the Acceleration Week at Design Terminal, and also, each startup will be assigned a mentor, to help the companies reach their goals more efficiently.

If interested, the startups can explore the markets in Amsterdam and Riga, taking advantage of the incubation spaces of TNW and TechChill. At the end of the cohort, the startups will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions at the SpaceTech Terminal conference, where they can meet investors, attend talks with experts, and have a lot of networking opportunities among peers. You will also be welcome to join so make sure to follow us on social media to not miss a thing!

Startups team location - Screenshot kick-off

Meet the startups

Adott - Develop effective techniques for enhanced design for intrinsic safety (DFIS).

AISTECH - Generate affordable, recurrent, high-resolution thermal imagery of the planet to provide a new perspective of Earth’s changing resources.

Blue Lab - New line of emergency locator transmitters to enhance transport security.

Celestial - Enables the space industry to stay ahead of the increasing demands on telecommunication performance.

Esferatros - Next-generation of satellite service. The company provides a variety of complementary services to allow the customer to focus on its core business through its OrbitalXpress programme.

Fossa - Creating a new low-cost picosatellite market to democratize access to space.

GreenEO - Earth observation for a sustainable future.

Lúnasa - Developing a reusable orbital transfer vehicle to host and deploy NanoSats.

Mavuno - AgTech with satellite imagery and machine learning for African farmers.

Mission Space - Offers custom sensors for advanced space weather monitoring, delivering a global, real-time, data-driven predictive space weather system designed to be used as a decision support tool to detect and prevent space weather radiation risks.

Navifly - Provides NaviATC UTM service to bridge the gap between the Regulators and the drone operators.

Needronix - A designer and developer of high quality CubeSat components.

Neutron Star Systems - Focused on commercializing a unique and first-of-its-kind high-temperature superconductor (HTS) based Applied-Field Magnetoplasmadynamic (AF-MPD) electric propulsion system for space missions.

Nordluft - Develops a high capacity turnkey drone-based spreading system.

Phase Growth - Creating downstream applications of space data.

Plus Ultra - Deploy off-world infrastructure to realize humanity's future in space.

Precision Navigation Systems - Precise GPS positioning for robots, drones, and IoT devices.

Prometheus Technologies Space - Design and production space systems, spacecraft, satellite, and operations.

ReOrbit - Develops a next-generation microsatellite platform that is modular, reusable, and configurable to in-orbit servicing stations.

Sfera Technologies - Focus on the design and implementation of standardized, efficient, organically growing infrastructures.

SmallsPark - Using Artificial Intelligence to provide end-to-end propulsion system design.

Space Power - In-Orbit Service Company providing Power Servicing to Spacecrafts.

Space4Good - Mapping and Tracking Social and Environmental Impact.

SpacePt - Software platform that uses computer vision to process satellite images of infrastructure to enable safer, more efficient, and sustainable operations and maintenance.

Zephalto - Takes passengers to the near-space with zero carbon footprint.


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