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Cohort 5: Investors - overview

X-Europe has been working hard to replicate its growth programme and delivering value to new sectors. Over 150 startups from six deeptech verticals have received our market-driven growth programme, and according to the current statistics, X-Europe alumni have raised over 125.8 million Euros since joining the programme. But for now, let’s do an overview of the investors enrolled in our Spacetech programme.

Financing Space and beyond

X-Europe took a bold step when we decided to tackle the European SpaceTech sphere and provide our 6-month growth programme of value-adding services. After the completion of our Spacetech investment portfolio of 25 startups, we have approached 342 deeptech investment firms that might align with the SpaceTech focus.

We have speculated a smaller response from the investors interested in this industry, and we were not wrong. Our learning is that the European funding landscape for this industry appears to concentrate in some key developed ecosystems with links to space programs. The interest from European investors for Spacetech came in from 19 investors. We hope to see these investors create strong ties with our community and use their knowledge and experience to help deliver impact.

The engaged investors have been busy with their investments, with 5 of them having between 1-10 investments, 8 of them having between 11-50 investments, 2 of them having between 51-100 investments, 2 of them having between 101-200 investments, while only 1 had between 201 and 300 investments. When it comes to the region of their investment, the most popular investment region was France, followed by Croatia, Finland, The Netherlands, Estonia and UK.

However, while the number is just a fraction of the European investment scene, the players coming through have shown significant investment activity across Europe. The engaged investors have a strong presence in France, Croatia, Finland, The Netherlands, Hungary, all then while focusing on sectors such as B2B, Artificial Intelligence, Spacetech, Communications, Advanced Materials, Blockchain and Hardware.


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