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Enter the Space Age with Design Terminal’s online summit

Are you wondering why it is important to step into the universe?From space debris to space colonies– Design Terminal is here to serve you with the current issues and the hot-shot experts of the Milky Way.

Space Terminal – Online Summit powered by Design Terminal aims to inspire participants and show them that the space industry is not science-fiction and space inventions and technologies could be used in our everyday lives. Apart from this, the event would like to strengthen a community of successful space-related startups all over Europe. It provides an interactive platform for startups, founders, corporations, investors, ecosystem builders and other experts of the space industry to share knowledge and build a network.

Among the speakers, you will find Co-founder & CEO of Space DOTS, Director BD of Carbice and space engineer Bianca Cefalo, European Cooperations Director of Thales Alenia Space: Freddy Geyer, and analog astronaut Eleni Charitonos. As this event is part of the space cohort of the X-Europe program, we will also hear 4 participating startups speak about the topic: Space4Good, Aistech Space, Mavuno Technologies, and Fossa Systems.

Still, have questions about why attend and what to expect? Here are the main topics.

World-changing innovations

The future always feels like it’s running late. Human imagination works harder than human enterprise, but at any given moment, together we can redesign future technology and the world around us in big and small ways.

Spacetech in our everyday life

People often ask: ‘Why are we focusing on exploring space, when there are so many problems to fix here on Earth? It’s a perfectly rational question. The short answer is that we need to go to space to help us here on Earth. Learn more about how space-based technologies can improve our daily lives!

Space entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship always demands risk-taking, space entrepreneurship requires an extra dose of risk tolerance. So why get into Space entrepreneurship? Attendees will get an insight into how the space sector and space assets offer new business opportunities and create new business models.

Women in space

The assignment of women to space missions and space-related jobs is no longer regarded in the same ‘historic’ way that it was. Why is the role of female engineers important? Why are there still just a few of them in the sector? What opportunities do they have, how can they prevail? What else can a woman offer in this industry?

Are you interested enough yet? Admission to the 2-day conference is FREE, but spaces are limited (pun intended!), so we recommend you board the spacecraft now!

Join in and learn about disruptive deeptech solutions, corporational and startup innovations and meet relevant stakeholders.


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