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The future of space and space tech will affect the life of each and every person on Earth. So, it is best to follow the trends and trendsetters of this area. As you could have gotten used to it by now, X-Europe is here to serve you with a handful of the most innovative entrepreneurs.

These teams are eager to conquer the universe! Their desire to revolutionize the space industry is enchanting. With their enthusiastic work, we are one step closer to bringing humanity forward to a more liveable and sustainable future. From earth observation to in-orbit transportation, here is what they can offer.

Mavuno Technologies

Mavuno was founded in March 2021 in Berlin, Germany. They are an Ag & FinTech social startup with the mission to empower African smallholder farmers to significantly increase their harvest yields. The startup created a satellite data-powered mobile app – a community platform – for the farmers that displays crop status as heat maps and therefore helps them take targeted action. They can manage their income risks by the whole process. The Mavuno app utilizes leading-edge open-source Sentinel-2 satellite data from the European Union’s Copernicus Earth observation program.


The startup uses earth observation for social and environmental impact. Their beachhead market is on tropical agroforestry in which they lead with their Re-Forest-ER proposition, integrated monitoring, and management platform providing insights, alerts, and suggestions to landowners, operators, project developers, and local governments alike. Its uniqueness stems from the integration of all crucial, earth observation-enabled applications ranging from deforestation monitoring, fire detection, watershed analysis, infrastructure, biomass assessments, and many more.

They believe that space technology can be used for a plethora of different uses on earth and can contribute to sustainability topics. X-Europe helped them create more awareness about earth observation-enabled monitoring, reporting, and verification applications. And they also benefitted from X-Europe's existing network of potential tech and commercialisation partners.

„We feel honoured to be part of the SpaceTech cohort and expect great outcomes through this collaboration.”

Space Power

Space Power is an in-orbit service company providing power servicing to spacecraft. Very futuristic! But how do they work?

Their long-term vision is to create a global in-orbit powerless wire grid in LEO – improving baseline efficiency, sustainably. As missions in space become more powerful and ambitious, batteries will increasingly become a limiting factor. Stored power is heavy and cumbersome batteries limit the payload potential of satellites, rovers, and drones. They will reduce the cost, weight, and volume of the onboard power for all satellites.

With increasing demands for space data for downstream applications, more power is required to fuel some of these satellite technologies such as SAR and emerging Earth Observational payloads in space.

„We have received a demand from various companies including Earth Observation, Space Transport, and In-Orbit Data Processing companies. We want to reduce the space industry’s demand for Earth resources by raising the baseline efficiency of LEO. Simplifying design and ultimately removing the need for on-board batteries.”

Neutron Star Systems

This innovative team wants to solve the problem of power upscaling in space. Sounds exciting right? And why do they think this is important? „Spacecraft have reached the upper limit of their power capabilities using conventional technologies, preventing the implementation of more capable spacecraft. The limitless applications which the SUPREME technology offers in the exponentially growing space industry are what motivates us all to be part of the Neutron Star Systems team.”

Their technology has already been recognized by market leaders in Europe and United States. X-Europe has helped them understand the space startup ecosystem in Europe through its events.

„We have also been using the platforms to seek talent globally for the company. The investor-readiness training offered by the cohort proved to be very useful as it provided us with the relevant tips and tricks to further enhance our investment opportunities.”


ESFERATROS, a new space company that operates micro-satellites to provide in-orbit transportation, customer payloads operation, and access to earth observation technology as a service.

Have you ever wondered what it should feel to have a satellite? With Esferatros, you can rent one! You can “own” your own for a fraction of the time. The startup puts at your disposal a multipurpose Satellite platform equipped with a Remote Sensing instrument suite to full your mission requirements. They take care of the whole infrastructure, both space and ground segment.

„The collaborative economy consists of giving, swapping, borrowing, trading, renting, and sharing products and services for a fee, between an individual who has something and an individual who needs something. Our mission is to apply the collaborative economy business model to space technology to mitigate space debris, by building and operating multipurpose satellite platforms to host your payloads and to access space in an easy, fast, and secure way. Allowing you to focus on your mission, while we take care of the satellite."

Aistech Space

The space technology company plans to launch one of the first commercial constellations capable of taking high-resolution thermal images on demand. The first of these satellites is called Guardian, which can help mitigate the effects of climate change. This is something to root for!

Their biggest milestone achieved so far has been the completion of their first high-resolution thermal imager for small satellites. This satellite is able to monitor the Earth's temperature and provide critical information on demand. The team launched their first two small satellites in 2018 and 2019. These carry IoT payloads and are still in operation today.

„X-Europe has provided valuable insights for the company. They provided a clear, concise vision of how to think about pitching, including a helpful list of space-focused investors, some of which we had not previously considered. It’s a unique opportunity to receive mentorship and matching services from an extremely well-connected community across all of Europe.”


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