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X-Europe Cohort 4: Investor Overview

X-Europe is slowly closing its second year of operations, with over 150 startups from six deeptech verticals receiving our market-driven growth programme. According to our current statistics, X-Europe’s startups have raised over 70M euros since the programme inception. However, we are not stopping there. Our troops are working tirelessly to enable our deeptech startups to make lucrative investments. Now, let's do an overview of the investors enrolled in our cohort 4 - Smart Cities and Sustainability.

In this vertical, we were able to collaborate with more than 45 investors located in 16 different countries, an eclectic mix of people that helped our startups achieve their goals and maximize impact. When it comes to the investors' location, the Netherlands ranks first (again) with 13 investors, closely followed by Germany and the US, sharing second place with five investors each, and the United Kingdom, with four. Also, we have reached some investors from Visegrad, one of the focus regions of our programme, having a total number of six.

Our Smart Cities and Sustainability oriented startups are leveraging their technology solutions to tackle various sectors, and in order to provide them with the much-needed support, we have sourced leading investors that focus on relevant industries. The predominant investment focus of our investors is Financial services, professional services, hardware and software and privacy. We hope to see these investors create strong ties with our community and use their knowledge and experience to help deliver impact.

In this cohort, most of our investors are focused on the early stage (38) and seed (29). Also, we have 12 investors focused on later-stage ventures. We see this variety to be beneficial as it conveniently covers the different maturity stages of our startups and scaleups.

Estonia came off strong among the investment regions, closing 120 investments, while Lithuania came second, with 74. Followed closely behind by Poland with 43 investments made.

For the investment side, on our Smart Cities and Sustainability cohort, this is all we have, but stay tuned for news in the remaining verticals while we continue to work to provide the best opportunities for our companies.


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