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X-Europe Cohort 1: Investor Overview

Presenting relevant statistics from the first investors to join the X-Europe programme!

X-Europe’s first cohort, which provides services for HealthTech, MedTech and BioTech startups, is well on its way. The consortium is working hard to provide quality services for the selected startups and scaleups. One of the most requested services by our applicants was matchmaking with investors, which is a key ingredient in these troubled times when it comes to taking a product to market.

X-Europe has been working towards engaging strong, relevant investors to join the programme, and the results have been very positive. In the graphics in this article, you can explore X-Europe Cohort 1 investor type, investment range, focus sector, and region of operation.

What’s in it for investors?

By joining the X-Europe programme, investors can:

  • Have direct access to matchmaking with the 25 most innovative European deeptech startups in our programme, with new batches of startups selected every 4 months

  • Connect with ecosystem builders and other deeptech stakeholders at events to build a sustainable network

  • Be matched with corporate and government representatives

  • Network with other investors

  • Meet a curated group of leading European deeptech startups alongside 600+ other innovative startups at our conferences

  • Hear and benefit from startups’ solutions in pitch competitions

  • Networking (1-on-1 meetings, investor lounge)

  • Create sustainable business partnerships

How can investors join our programme?

Investors can always join X-Europe by completing the short form on this page.


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