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What healthtech founders need to know about scaling in Europe

The X-Europe programme focuses on six different industries, within six cohorts, that are now transforming and leading the change in the European tech scene. The focus industry of the first cohort is healthtech - an industry that has been the most relevant during the times of the corona crisis. X-Europe accepted 27 health tech startups that are revolutionizing European landscape. TNW analyzed the current status of the industry and has asked a couple of founders to share their experiences - read the full article.

Medicine is advancing at speeds faster than ever before, thanks to the use of new cutting edge technologies like AI, improving, and extending our lives. Oftentimes, we tend to forget the big improvements we are making in the field. And especially, how hard it is to innovate and build a reputation in the healthcare industry.

For a reason, healthcare is a heavily regulated industry. And even with all the regulations, fiascos like Theranos (read more) can still happen. In this article, we talked to several founders of healthtech companies to find out how startups can break through and not only advance their businesses, but also healthcare in general?

The article covers particularities around developing healthtech companies in Europe. The founders talked about difficulties with developing hardware and the immense amount of funding that is necessary to be able to start something. Unfortunately, Europe and its investors are still far behind those in Silicon Valley, for example. Founders are hoping that the current crisis will prove the importance of investing in healthcare and new solutions around it.

The opportunities are vast. Now, the entrepreneurs have the role of filling the gaps in the market, programs like X-Europe to create initial visibility and break the barrier towards investors and collaborations with corporations, and VCs to up their investments.

The X-Europe program bridges regions and tech companies across Europe through events, media, training, and acceleration. With a focus on the Baltics, the Visegrad region, and Western Europe, the programme will connect 150 deeptech startups with corporations, investment firms, and ecosystem builders. Join us!


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