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MOWEA | X-Europe Startup Interview

Welcome to our X-Europe startup interview series. We have virtually sat down with a number of our founders from past cohorts to hear all about their solutions, vision for the future, and what made them tick during our X Europe programme. So whether you are a deep tech founder looking for startup support, an eagle-eyed investor, or simply interested in the possibilities that technology can bring to society, then we welcome you to take a read. Please meet MOWEA, a startup that reinvents how wind power is traditionally generated.

Can you briefly explain what your solution is all about? What’s unique about it?

MOWEA reinvents how wind power is traditionally generated, allowing for both urban and industrial applications. We have designed and produced modular micro wind turbines which give users access to efficient, affordable, and scalable wind energy. Similar to standardized photovoltaic modules, the MOWEA wind energy system uses modular units so energy systems can be adapted to meet each customer’s individual needs and requirements. MOWEA wind turbines have internet access, can be controlled remotely, and are plug-and-play devices, enabling hybrid solutions.

What led you to start or join your company? What is the key motivation and mission behind the startup? I am passionate about sustainable business models that are fighting the climate crisis with a particular interest in renewable energies because such innovations have the highest impact on the economy and the planet.

In fact, at MOWEA, our motivation is to make an impactful contribution to achieve global climate goals - on course to a carbon-neutral world by 2050. We are driven by our ambition to become the world's first point of contact for on-site wind energy solutions.

Who are the key target audiences? How does the technology make a positive impact? MOWEA wind energy solutions enable companies to reduce their carbon emissions and reach up to 100% clean energy, achieve their corporate climate targets, as well as save electricity costs.

Our target market includes all kinds of companies with access to appropriate open spaces, towers, and rooftops. These include telecommunication companies, real estate companies, micro-grid companies, industrial plants, airports, as well as businesses with no access to the grid.

What’s the biggest milestone your startup has achieved so far, and what has surprised you most on this journey?

One of the biggest milestones I experienced within MOWEA, it is when recently, and after plenty of hard work, field tests and constant technical improvements, MOWEA Core unit, the standardized micro wind turbine used in all our products, was ready for its first serial production and to be launched in the telecommunications market. This moment was very awaited within the entire MOWEA team as, having a hardware product, we went through many product development iterations before getting to the commercial version.

Coming from a purely business background, it is the first time I work closely with a team of engineers and I have the chance to see all the detailed work behind each hardware component and iteration. It has been such an enriching experience!

How has X-Europe helped you during the past few months?

I am very happy to be part of the X-Europe program this year, where I had the opportunity to:

⁃ Meet people with diverse expertise and skill-sets

⁃ Brainstorm with brilliant entrepreneurs coming from all over Europe

⁃ Take part in interactive workshops and business trainings

⁃ Engage in matchmaking rounds with corporations eager to unlock opportunities within the sustainable landscape.

What are your goals over the next 3, 6, and 12 months? Our goals at MOWEA in the next 3-12 months are to unlock the European wind energy potential within the telecommunications and real estate markets.

To enable such ambitious goals, key milestones include to successfully complete our first Serial Production of MOWEA Core units that will enable MOWEA to roll out in the German telecommunications market, as well as kick-off new pilot projects in the real estate. In fact, by Q4 2021, MOWEA aims to have 3 pilot project agreements of MOWEA energy systems to be installed on real estate in the DACH regions. That will enable us to validate MOWEA’s technology in this use case and build solid partnerships for further scale. 
Moreover, by Q2 2022 we want to raise our Series A funding to grow the team and scale our operations in Europe. 

Last but not least, by Q4 2022, we want to penetrate three leading telecommunications markets in Europe counting together 120K ground towers.

With MOWEA’s modular wind energy system installations in only 400 sites in Central Europe, together with our partners, we can achieve:

⁃ 3.120 MW of clean energy

⁃ 1250 tons of CO2 savings

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur trying to pave his/her way in the Smart Cities & Sustainability landscape? Looking to the exponential increase of the population in cities, expected to reach a figure of 6.4 billion by 2050, there is no doubt the economy will shift towards sustainable businesses and smart city solutions. The time to act is now and my advice to the entrepreneurs that have taken this challenging journey is not to be afraid to fail or ask for help and to keep going. Our planet needs them!

What’s unique about the X-Europe programme?

X-Europe is a unique acceleration programme because it brings together a diverse group of start-ups, corporations, investors, and ecosystem builders coming from all over Europe and allows each participant to use this opportunity based on his or her needs and capabilities. Personally, I really appreciated workshops and training because they are organized in a concise and smart manner and bring in fresh perspectives from highly skilled professionals.


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