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Meet the 27 startups that are ready to make cities smart and sustainable

X-Europe cohort number four: Smart Cities and Sustainability kicked-off last week with the open call winners.

After the open call closed on the 30th of April with 197 applications, the X-Europe team drove an extensive, careful evaluation to select the 27 most promising Smart Cities & Sustainability startups to begin their journey with the programme.

The companies onboarded in a dynamic kick-off webinar where they had the opportunity to present themselves, meet the partners, and learn what to expect and benefit from the programme. There was also time for networking and to meet each other in one-on-one meetings.

What's next?

The upcoming months will be full of opportunities and learnings. It will start with the Acceleration Week at Design Terminal, where the founders will: attend several workshops on the topics of negotiation techniques (validating tips, remote working, and hiring best practices); meet and talk to experts or even to corporate or investor representatives; do networking among startups of the previous cohorts, and so on.

The training days with the Growth Tribe Community to learn and develop growth hacking and marketing skills come next, and, after, the programme offers two online workshops: "Startup readiness and business development training" and "Peer Learnings and 1-on-1 mentoring Exchange", to make our startups better prepared to scaling their businesses.

Each X-Europe startup will be assigned a mentor and participate in one-on-one mentoring sessions throughout the programme. Startups will also benefit from the corporate and investment matchmaking tracks. And, if interested, the incubation spaces of TNW and TechChill (in Amsterdam and Riga) will be available should the startups want to explore these markets.

At the end of the cohort, the startups will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions at the TNW conference, where they can meet investors, attend a pitch competition , and other workshops, talks and side events. It's going to be a rollercoaster of opportunities!

Startups’ interest in the X-Europe services - Screenshot Kick-off

Meet the startups

We are super excited to welcome such a great and diverse group of startups and scaleups to our Smart Cities & Sustainability cohort. And we’re looking forward to getting to know them better and building an amazing tech community.

Startups team location - screenshot kick-off webinar

Without further ado, meet our 27 winners, and get to know their solutions to make the world a greener and more sustainable place.

1702ai - An ai that detects weapons in real-time using deep learning algorithms through CCTV cameras with real-time alerts.

Breeze Technologies- An industry leader in modern air quality sensors, data & analytics.

Deep Neuronic - Intelligent Systems for Automatic Vision. A more comprehensive solution, explicitly detecting and recognizing robberies, road accidents, vandalism, explosions, among others.

DeNoize - A smart window technology that transforms any glass facade into a noise-cancelling system.

FuseBox- Platform for the trading of flexible energy for electricity grid balancing.

Globetrotter VR - Platform for online travel.

gridX - Leading Energy-IoT platform for digital energy solutions.

Hedyla - Optimize logistics with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics.

Hopu - Climate change mitigation solutions based on IoT and AI.

Machine can see - Offer computer vision solutions for partners and communities, solving their unique and everyday retail, transportation, operations, and safety challenge. MClimate - Smart home and smart buildings IoT hardware and software solutions provider.

MHS - A ground breaking service, based on artificial intelligence and managed by specialists, that lowers the cost of managing historical buildings.

Mobilized Construction - Real-time and predictive ML analytics to monitor road deterioration.

Mowea - Modular Small-Wind Energy System Provider.

mTap - Produces AI driven street lamp controllers and system management.

NUUKA - Intelligence Behind Healthy Buildings - A SaaS solution. OneCub - Provides a B2C2B solution for personal data sharing allowing individuals to circulate data in one click, securely, and in full compliance with GDPR.

Phelas - Develops and builds Liquid Air Energy Storages (LAES) for wind and solar energy.

Secmotic - focused on the digital transformation of cities and businesses

Sensefinity - Smart Logistics, Sensoring, Location and Blockchain.

TotalCtrl - Offering food waste prevention technology impacting the entire value chain.

Traken - A data tracking, asset management and exploitation tool for smart electrical grids.

Total Traffic Management - Active Safety technologies of vehicles for GPS tracking industry.

Vemini - A decentralized verification platform based on palm veins.

Vianova - Managing & regulating new mobility services in the public space.

VivaDrive - An AI-based solution that helps companies to make their car fleet sustainable and cost-efficient. We work with petrol-based and EV fleets.

VoltaPlant - Focused on the development of Plant-Microbial Fuel Cell technology.

Looking forward to more details about the startups? We are happy to share a more extensive portfolio with you. Get in touch via

Applications for X-Europe’s five cohort – Space Tech are live and you can apply until the 30 of June at 17h00 CEST! X-Europe will also open up applications for FinTech in July 2021.


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