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Join the Future of AgriTech with Design Terminal in November

Are you wondering what’s to come in the future of agriculture and who will lead the AgriTech revolution? From Protein Clash to Planet Bee – Design Terminal is here to serve the current issues of the agricultural agenda and its hot-shot experts.

Future of Agritech – Online Summit powered by Design Terminal is an agritech conference all about the future of agriculture. On 16 & 17 November Design Terminal is bringing together the startups, founders, corporations, investors, ecosystem builders, and other experts of agritech industry to share their insight into a resilient and innovative sector based on digitalisation.

Why attend and what to expect? Here are the main topics.

Why the digitalisation of agriculture is important

How can space data influence agricultural production? Will robots overtake humans in the fields? Present and future challenges of agriculture will be drawn up and possible solutions will be presented at the conference. Since digitalisation can open new horizons for agriculture...

We will examine the traditional versus the new wave

As the next generation takes over, new technologies are being implemented rapidly, while leading agribusiness companies are teaming up with agritech startups. As production is no longer tied to the countryside or soil, urban farmers are disrupting the industry. What is changing and what remains? That is the question.

The food choices of tomorrow

Our food system has various impacts on the environment, and there are more possibilities than ever when it comes to choosing food. Climate change poses new challenges on the agrifood sector. How can our food choices make a difference?

Today’s Hot Topics

Being highly exposed to environmental changes requires agriculture to constantly renew itself. 3 vital topics will be elaborated on at the conference: the importance of bees in our ecosystem, the water footprint of foods, and COVID-19’s effect on agriculture. Is innovation the answer to all of these challenges?

Are you interested enough yet? Admission to the 2-day conference is FREE, but spaces are limited, so we recommend you reserve your spot now!

Join in and learn about disruptive deeptech solutions, corporational and startup agritech innovations, and meet relevant stakeholders.


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