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European tech: What startups can expect in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg

The X-Europe programme embraces startups from 19 different countries, but it has a deep focus on the Baltics, the Visegrad 4 and the Benelux region. Read about what startups can expect in the latter, especially in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg, in an article created by TNW.

The Benelux encompasses some of the smallest countries in Europe, yet some of the most active in terms of political, financial, and tech ecosystems. It is also one of the regions which the X-Europe program will showcase, as well as boost connections by engaging local stakeholders in the region with the wider European continent.

Although often overlooked when compared to the leading regions in Europe, with over 17 million people and GDP per capita high on a global scale, the region deserves more attention. With close-knit geography, cutting edge political, financial, and innovation institutions, and amongst the most digitally connected societies in the world - the startup scene has much to offer for entrepreneurs local or international.

The Next Web has published an article highlighting the Benelux to produce a ‘Tech entrepreneurs guide to the ecosystem.’

This article takes a look at the growing ecosystems of the Benelux, supplemented by fresh data provided by the rankings of Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem report 2020, as well as the FDI Intelligence and TNW Tech Cities of the Future report.

With insights about the countries within this region, as well as a look at the investment environment, trending industries, and quotes from regional experts; the article will pique the interest of any startup considering their new office location.

TNW will publish regular articles introducing the key Ecosystems of X-Europe, the deeptech industries we will be supporting, as well as Success Stories from our cohort companies. Stay tuned for the next guide!


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