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Do Business. Wear Sweatpants. Join TNW 2020.

TNW’s Conference is one of the leading events for tech enthusiasts to hear internationally renowned speakers, meet the hottest startups, and learn about the latest innovations within the online world.

This year it’s happening all online.

Taking place on October 1 & 2, TNW2020 will explore a variety of themes including - Product, Mobility, Sustainable Society, the Future of Work, Artificial Intelligence, and more. This time you can take a seat at the mainstage, wander into an interactive session room, listen to a fireside chat, or network with professionals from all over the world - right from the comfort of your living room.

Why attend and what to expect?

Thought Leaders at your fingertips

TNW is known for bringing together the very best speakers from across the world. There are many relevant keynote sessions for the X-Europe community. Some of the best include “The future of Healthcare” hosted by Aashima Gupta (Good Cloud), Adam Berry (PathCheck), Daniel Matiaudes (Rocket Insights). “FoodTech: Investing in a Resilient System” with Zitouni Ould Dada (United Nations), Rebekah Moses (Impossible Foods), and Mette Lykke (Too Good To Go). As well as “Leading Through Change: building self-learning organisations” hosted by David Arnoux (Growth Tribe).

Personal Startup Booth

Upon joining us at TNW, startups will be dedicated to a personal conference booth. The branded booths are a way to showcase your product or solution to attendees. This can be done by using a video to show your product in action, be physically present at the booth to discuss with interested people about what you do as well as sharing your presence on social media using the hashtag #TNW2020.

Global Networking

One of the most important reasons why founders attend such events is the ability to network. At TNW2020 there is a dedicated area for this. Try your luck and match with potential investors, clients, or future enthusiasts.

Pitch Competition

Over both days of our conference, a number of the highest quality startups will compete to be crowned champion of their industry. There will be a pitch competition covering several topics:

Intelligence - The rate of technological progress is accelerating exponentially. Whether to enhance human intelligence or AI, this battle is for startups with intelligent solutions.

Sustainable Societies - The world is facing a huge challenge. More mouths to feed, higher consumer demands, and a need to preserve our environment and planet. Startups with sustainability in mind will battle it out.

As-a-Service - Software is eating the world. New services are helping to grow businesses and improve processes throughout the world. The hottest young SaaS companies take the stage here.

Transport - Transportation and mobility is undergoing a huge shift, reshaping transit in cities and beyond. Find out which startups are leading the way.

Check out - Due to the pandemic, we’re shifting towards a world where e-commerce is the default. At the Checkout Pitch Battle, startups driving the retail revolution take the stage.

Health - Health and wellbeing have been a huge topic for the last decade, but the pandemic has catapulted the importance of this space. Here startups in health tech take the stage.


Updated: Unfortunately, TNW 2020 has now passed. But you can still soak up all the content with a video on demand pass.


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