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A detailed look a the companies driving health revolution in Europe

TNW has put together a visual showcasing the major players in the European Healthcare Startup Ecosystem landscape. Take a look at the leading startups in various fields as well as the main supporting partners and ecosystem builders across Europe.

The X-Europe programme’s main goal is to help European startups scale and reach new markets. The regions that X-Europe is focusing on, and that are more represented than the rest of Europe are the Baltics, Visegrad Four, and the Benelux. The overall goal of the landscape is to give an overview of the trends in the HealthTech ecosystem, as well as to map out the most important supporting actors. After analyzing the area of expertise of startups, seven trends in HealthTech have emerged: (1) therapeutics & treatment, (2) diagnostics & prediction, (3) medical device development, (4) drug discovery, (5) virtual health platform & software, (6) patient care & monitoring, (7) education, training & prevention. Oftentimes, the startups’ success depends on the quality and the amount of support they get from their ecosystems. That is why we have also mapped out the main supporting accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, and other supporting ecosystem builders. Finally, a couple of investor firms seem to be very active in the HealthTech domain in the regions of focus and have deserved a spotlight on the landscape.


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