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X-Europe is looking for the 25 best solutions in FinTech

Training, matchmaking and promotion services are offered to the open call winners. Applications are open until 10th September at 5 PM CEST

X-Europe has opened its sixth and last open call and is looking for promising European deeptech startups in the FinTech sector to provide top-notch training, mentoring services and guiding partnerships with investors, corporations, and ecosystem builders.

Designed by five key players in the startup community: F6S, TNW, Design Terminal, Growth Tribe, and TechChill, the EU-funded programme has previously promoted cohorts in HealthTech, Agritech, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Smart Cities & Sustainability and SpaceTech helping cutting-edge startups grow and bring their technologies to the market.

“X-Europe has triggered our first collaboration talks with a big corporation, has helped us define our product messaging and conversion goals with our mentor Tess, and has helped us train our marketing and sales team with growth hacking mentality”, -Markku Palipea, Neurisium CEO.

Aside from group online workshops on investment, startup readiness and business development and growth hacking training with the Growth Tribe Academy, the selected startups are assigned to a mentor and also gain exposure at the TechChill Conference (February 2022 in Riga), participation in the Acceleration week by Design Terminal and access to TechChill and TNW community incubators.

“As we have refined our message with X-Europe, we have also been moving various companies through our sales pipeline. We look forward to beginning more partnerships throughout this year and to further developing our model into more languages”, -David Finch, CEO.

Focusing on three key regions: the Baltics, the Visegrad region, and Western Europe, X-Europe entered its last cohort with more than 1500 people engaged, between startups, ecosystem builders and companies, such as Vodafone, Egis, and SAP, contributing to building bridges in the startup ecosystem.

The remote acceleration programme of Cohort 6 - FinTech will run from October 2021 until February 2022, and applications are open from 12th July to 10th September at 5 PM CEST. Winners will get:

  • Free entry and showcasing at TechChill Conference, February 2022

  • Matchmaking opportunities with investors

  • The possibility to build partnerships with corporations (your idea might be the right solution to their business challenges)

  • Online training sessions, including market-leading courses from Growth Tribe and other workshops

  • A dedicated coach and one-on-one mentoring sessions

  • Talent matchmaking support

  • Media exposure

  • Access to the Acceleration week by Design Terminal and TechChill’s and TNW’s community incubators in Riga and Amsterdam

All services are free of charge, thanks to Startup Europe. Apply before 10th September at 5 PM CEST:


For up-to-date information on X-Europe, follow us today on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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